i'm lauren taylor


A few years ago, I was feeling unfulfilled in a corporate job, had just moved back to my childhood home and exited a long-term relationship. Basically, everything was changing, and quickly! That’s when I dreamt up, and (within a few short weeks) launched, The Letter Book. My book was built on cultivating an uplifting, empowering community. True to its name, it inspired hand-written notes of encouragement, exchanged by women all over the globe! To extend the impact, I now partner with women empowering brands as a model, speaker, and ambassador - all to inspire women with big dreams to go for it. Encouraging their voices to change the world! 


Lilly Pulitzer

We are so happy Lauren joined us to celebrate our Spring Break Sunseekers shoot, not only for the fabulous location and clothes, but to encourage and put forth the message to all ladies out there that we are all strong, beautiful and can achieve anything we put our minds to! She is such a bright, optimistic, fun, and lovely young woman. The things she has already accomplished are truly inspiring and we know she is only going to move forward doing even more incredible things. Lauren's spirit and outlook on life is completely amazing and infectious. 

Lauren Scruggs

As a big fan of Lauren Taylor's book, The Letter, I am so grateful for Lauren and her team! I love their intention and how meaningful things are being published. It's so refreshing! Lauren is influencing more women than she will probably ever know! She has built such an amazing and beautiful publication as well as a lovely community on social. I am so inspired by all of her creativity and vision!

Jenna Kutcher + Goal Digger Podcast

The most incredible woman, Lauren Taylor, who is bold, authentic, and allowed for a fully human, incredibly candid conversation on diversity in the creative industry. One of my favorite parts about Lauren, and how we initially became friends is her openness. I am so thankful that she is willing to live fearlessly and dream big regardless. Lauren shared her honest heart (and her incredible brains!) with us while sharing personal experiences and how she keeps making her mark in the world— on her own terms. 

Laura Lee + Creative 

Working with Lauren 1 on 1 was the kick in the pants I needed to get closer to making this dream a reality. For six years now, I've talked about and dreamt about starting a bi-annual publication that embodies travel, family legacy, and culture. When Lauren opened up a coaching spot, I applied RIGHT AWAY, and it was the best decision I could have made! Lauren answered EVERY question I had about growing a team, where and how to print and ship orders, what the weekly and monthly workflow looks like, and so much more. I will be forever grateful for Lauren! If this is a dream you've been sitting on for a while too, don't walk, RUN to her and make it a reality. You won't regret it.

Diana Joiner + Togetherish

Working with Lauren has been an absolute dream! From our first call, I felt so comfortable around her like we've been friends for years. She has been so inspiring and helpful in realizing my dream of storytelling to bring people together, giving such constructive guidance and direction that I couldn't have accomplished on my own. Aside from her bubbly and overall awesome personality, she has such valuable expertise and boss-like knowledge that I feel so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work and learn from her. To anyone striving to reach their goals in uplifting (and killer) style, I'd recommend her time and time again!

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