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The One Where I Host a Podcast. Whaaat?!

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Okay, okay, I’m so freakin’ excited that I have been SHOUTING it from the rooftop!


*Eeeek! Cue ALL the happy dances!!*

We’ve only published two of the episodes and I can already tell you IT’S SO GOOD! I have had the opportunity to sit down with some of the most amazing guests possible and I can wait for you to listen to all the REAL. We’re talking about who we are, sharing personal stories, life lessons (the incredible aha moments and the down-in-the-dumps one too), how we’re embracing our own bodies and how you can too, plus so much more! Basically, it’s a giant slumber party that will inspire and encourage you on your own journey.

Real talk: I never thought I’d host a podcast. In fact, when it felt like everyone had a podcast (it still feels that way sometimes 😅), I was super excited to listen to those. But the idea of hosting my own?! Never crossed my mind. As much as I encourage others to share their voices, the idea of doing so in such a big way was terrifying to me.

Hosting a podcast has made me more conscientious of how critical I am of myself when it comes to sharing my voice. I’ve unconsciously censored myself on social media and in real life, worried others wouldn’t understand my point of view or that something would come off in a way I didn’t intend for it too. Maybe you’ve felt that too?

Recently someone said, “If you don’t get it, then don’t get it.” At that moment I realized, it’s not our job to make others understand, accept, love, or embrace us. The people that will do. And for those that don’t, it’s okay.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. It’s empowering and oh-so worth it! 💙

PS — The first two episodes of The Bloom Pod (Yep, that’s the name. How cuteeee!) are already live and you need to drop what you’re doing and go tune in. You can hit the link OR, find us on your favorite listening platform. See you there!

Lessons Learned From the Podcasting Studio

My gosh, podcasting so far has been an ADVENTURE. I have been binge-recording episodes (Our goal is to have all the 2023 recordings done by the end of February. How insane?!) and it’s been challenging yet rewarding to continually push myself out of my comfort zone. Here are some lessons I’ve learned through this journey so far:

1. Building the courage to be more vulnerable and speak up is a beautiful challenge, one I hope will inspire and encourage you to do the same. Regardless of what you say or how you act, someone will always have an opinion — don’t let that stop you. Either they understand you or they don’t. That’s their business, not yours.

2. Beyond interviewing these extraordinary women, I’ve also had the privilege of sharing their journeys with you. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to hang out with each other — relating, sharing, and connecting on a deeper level. Never underestimate the power of a genuine, real conversation. It develops connections and builds you up in a way you can’t understand unless you experience it.

3. Having someone in your life who will push and encourage you is worth its weight in gold. Our producer, and my good friend, Kelly Miller, has been that for me. She’s pushed me back on edits and given me incredible feedback, becoming instrumental in me feeling more confident in my voice and learning to censor myself less. She’s helped me believe in myself and the power of using my voice!

4. Most importantly, I’ve learned the importance of having fun. Having fun (however, that may look for you) is vital in boosting your confidence and comfort levels by a million! Find the things that light you up and do them often.

I am so grateful for each of The Bloom Pod’s guests. Catching up with you has felt like having tea with a forever friend and walking away encouraged and ignited — a feeling I hope our audience and community feel as well. Thank you for being part of this journey! 💙

PS — There’s another episode live on the pod and you don’t want to miss it! Join me and Arielle Estoria for a conversation on the process of unfolding. (we’re answering the question: are we truly turning into different versions of ourselves, or are we simply peeling back layers of social expectations in order to reveal exactly who we were always MEANT to be?

Arielle explains the steps required in order to finally exhale into who we are and why we should never be friends with imposter syndrome.) 

Head to The Bloom Pod or search us on your favorite streaming platform. See you there!

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The One Where I Host a Podcast. Whaaat?!

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