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Why a Good Mattress is Really Worth it

Life is better in pajamas – can I get an amen? With a head full of dreams, I’ve been that person who stays up till 3 am working in bed, but I’ve learned I’m not at my best without sleep.

Prioritizing good sleep is also good self-love. A bed is more than just a place to rest it’s where we go to really reconnect with ourselves. Leesa Sleep reached out to me to spread awareness about their updated mattress and mission which is close to my heart. 

Leesa Sleep helps impact homelessness in America. Working with more than 1,000 nonprofits across the United States who serve those seeking refuge from homelessness, domestic risk, and human trafficking by donating mattresses and resources. Their year-round One-Ten Program gives one mattress for every 10 sold, and since 2015, they’ve donated more than 32,000+ mattresses to those in need. Believing that everybody deserves the right to rest.  

My new Leesa Mattress makes me feel like nap time is my happy hour. In fact, most studies show that mini-naps do more for our creativity and flow than grinding non-stop does anyway. It’s funny how we hated naps growing up. ‘Cause give me all the sweet dreams you can now! 

Can’t help but be thankful for Leesa Sleep for a good rest and positively impacting the world. Let’s get our sleep on and inches closer to our dreams together. 

Ready for your own Leesa mattress? Click here and use promo code: LAURENTAYLOR to receive $160 off! 

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