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Your Voice Matters: I Wrote a Children’s Book and I’m Freaking Out!!! 

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Oh. My. GOSHHH!!! I WROTE A CHILDREN’S BOOK and I’m freaking out in the best way possible!! 🤯

When I wrote Your Voice Matters, I was at the lowest of lows. (How’s that for honesty? 😅) My depression and anxiety had taken over, leaving me feeling like my voice was suppressed. I hated feeling that way, which led to the idea of this book.

Your Voice Matters follows kids at camp, teaching them to embrace their bold, beautiful, powerful, and unique voices. The narrative guides them to understand how impactful their voice is — what you have to say matters and is worth being heard.

If you know me, you know how strongly I believe in utilizing and embracing your voice. Eight-year-old Lauren was ready to share her voice with the world. In fact, she couldn’t stop! She was confident in what she had to say, sharing every last detail of her feelings, thoughts, events that occurred throughout her day, and what was happening in her world.

During my depression, I really needed that version of myself — the one who wasn’t afraid to speak up and share her truth.

Through Your Voice Matters, Little Lauren encourages you to believe your voice truly does hold power — regardless of what your voice sounds like, how you communicate in the world, how you look, or who you are, you can decide to use your voice for power and impact!

When you use your voice, there can be SO much positive change within yourself and the world around you.

It’s literally a dream come true to share this with you — my lips were sealed for an entire year! 😆 I poured so much of my heart into my very first book and ahhh! The excitement I feel for you to read it is UNREAL! I hope it inspires you to love and believe in who you are and what you have to say.
Your Voice Matters is now available now on Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Books a Million, and Amazon — click here to grab your very own copy!! (Can someone pinch me?! I feel like I’m dreaming!)

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Your Voice Matters: I Wrote a Children’s Book and I’m Freaking Out!!! 



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