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Long story short, I’m a self-love advocate doing what I can to empower women and make a positive impact on our world. I believe in flying, regardless of your wingspan, and that dreams and miracles can come true.

My journey to becoming an author, speaker, host, and model is pretty dang cool! What’s even cooler…? Getting to share it with you!

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I'm Lauren Taylor

Advocate for self-love, joy wrangler, and full-time community builder.

When I’m not dancing my heart out, quoting Princess Diaries, or recording podcasts with some of the most incredible guests (pinch me!), I can be found hyping up everyone around me! 

Community is everything. Through hosting, speaking engagements, and my internet besties, I’m all about empowering you to love and embrace who you truly are and to use your voice for positive change within the world and yourself.

Speaking, Hosting
& Modeling

You work hard to relate with your community in a genuine way. You’re looking for partnerships that’ll illustrate that. *Enter yours truly!*

My secret sauce? Embodying your mission and sharing it with others in a relatable, authentic and infectious way. I’m here to spark real feelings, 
make a positive impact and build a community that is over-the-moon excited to support your brand and event.

Birds Papaya
Pottery Barn Teen

You Fall, You Fly

you keep moving forward


The Bloom

The Podcast

We’re having real life conversations to help you embrace the incredible QUEEN you are, inspiring you to use your voice for positive impact within the world and yourself.

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